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Global warming

With the environment and global warming becoming an increasingly prevalent issue more and more people are considering the effect all this pollution has on their family and home. In no one aspect is there more of an adverse affect than the water that flows into our home each day. 800-619-9450


Our existence

Water is a central part of our existence we wash with it, bathe with it, cook with, clean with it, play in it and most significantly, we consume it. Many people think that by adding a Water Filtration system to their kitchen sink they are solving the problem. However, considering all of the other uses we have for water in our lives it shouldn't be surprising to learn that experts recommend we filter all the water that comes into our home.


Prevent contaminated

Fortunately, there are Water Filtration systems that help us cover all of our bases and prevent contaminated water from reaching our loved ones. Options in advanced Water Filtration range from a whole house Water Filtration system to a simple water bottle filter.

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Whole Home Water Filtration supplied by Water Filtration Systems Guys in Port Hueneme, CA

Whole home Water Filtration systems are the perfect way to eliminate harmful contaminated water from getting into your home for good. These Water Filtration systems are installed at the point in which your water enters your home. This means that the water delivered to all of your showers, faucets and appliance will be squeaky clean.

Although these Water Filtration units may be more costly to initially invest in they are far more economical long-term. The filters on whole home Water Filtration systems last years rather than months and replacement filters are typically purchased at a nominal fee.

Once you get over the cost of the initial unit and installation the longevity of the system pays for itself in the quantity of clean water it will provide.

Shower Water Filtration and Sink Water Filtration installed by  Water Filtration Systems Guys in Port Hueneme, CA

Many of the harmful chemicals in water can dry out or hair and skin. For this reason, many people use a shower Water Filtration system to remove chemicals like, chlorine, VOCs, THM's and to restore pH balance to shower water.

These systems attach directly to your shower and provide a continuous stream of healthier less harmful water in Port Hueneme, CA.

The most common place to install a Water Filtration system is on or under the kitchen sink. Faucet mount Water Filtration is cost effective and it covers the most essential aspect of Water Filtration and that is cleaning the water in which we consume.

Using one of these systems ensure that our family is not consuming harmful toxins like, lead, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, waste pharmaceuticals and many others. Additionally, it helps reduce the amount of chlorine resistant parasites that easily pass through our water company’s filtration efforts.

On the Go Water Filtration

Once you begin to protect your family from these harmful contaminants you will want to ensure they are protected everywhere they go. Many people buy a filtering water bottle to accomplish this. This ensures that whether you are drinking at school, work or while you are traveling you are protected.

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